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TESA 00730076 Micro-Hite 350F Manual Height Gage 14-inch with Fine ... TESA 00730076 Micro-Hite 350F Manual Height Gage 14-inch with Fine Adjustment

Manual For Tesa Micro Height Cmm - The Micro-Hite comes with many accessories, including a TESA IG13 probe for measuring perpendicularity and straightness errors. The latest generation MicroHite plus M versions, equipped with a rotary power control, combine the speed of a manual height gauge with the precision of a motorised one. The Micro-Hite is, thus, the most versatile and. MICRO-HITE 3D Manual. All TESA CMM's can accept 3 different manual probe heads to offer the solution that meets each user's need. Each probe head is available from a full range of touch-trigger probes besides high precision SWISS MADE accessories fitting any type of hand-operated measuring machines. Supplied with TESA-REFLEX software,. Sep 18, 2017  · Brown & Sharpe Tesa Micro-Hite 350 User/Operating Manual Hi, /missing. Still trying to figure out how to get it to save some defaults such as units, probe calibration master height, how many decimal places, date/time, etc, i can change them, but it is not saving after power off/on. I just got a manual for a Tesa-Hite 400 Plus M from.

TESA - Micro-Hite 600 (24in.) Electronic Height Gage - Manual Range 24”/600mm Rugged nickel plated base with bottom face including 3 finely lapped resting points Air cushion for smooth movement over the surface plate.. TESA 00730073 Micro-Hite 350 Manual Height Gage 14-inch has a measuring span of 14"/ 365mm. The New TESA Micro-Hite gauges are universal workshop or laboratory machines which are reliable and robust to be integrated as close as possible to the user.. TESA MICRO-HITE 3D Three Dimensional CH-1020 Renens – Switzerland – Tel. +41(0)21 633 16 00 – Fax +41(0)21 635 75 35 – – [email protected] TESA SA Switzerland Bugnon 38 CH-1020 Renens Vente Suisse The MICRO-HITE 3D is a three-dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machine, measuring all known geometric.

CMM-oriented features. Mass (W x D x H) : Machine version 454, manual 970 x 930 x 1620 mm Machine version 474, manual 970 x 1130 x 1660 mm Machine version 474, RC 970 x 930 x 1700 mm Machine version 474, RC 970 x 1130 x 1730 mm Net weight: Versions 454/474 = 210/315 kg (granite tables included).. † Automated operation (TESA-REFLEX Recorder only). Two software versions are available, depending on the used CMM: † TESA-REFLEX MH3Dfor the Micro-Hite 3D. † TESA-REFLEX Recorder for the Micro-Hite 3D Recorder. All TESA CMM’s can accept 3 different manual probe heads to offer the solution that meets each User’s need.. choose from Tesa-hite, Tesa-hite Magna, Micro-hite and Micro-hite PlusM. Our expertise is available to guide you in every way imaking your decision the logical choice OR Email: Current 2018 Prices New! Micro-hite 3, 6 ,9 Manual Micro-hite 3,6,9 +M (Motorized) Click for Price & Info Click for Price & Info TESA-hite 700 & 400 TESA-hite PLUS M 700.

Dec 07, 2010  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.. manual for tesa. Results for user manual tesa hite 700 High Speed TESA MICRO-HITE 3D CMM brown and sharpe micro hite 600 manual at Height Gauges 2 3 Micro Hite 3D. Digital and Dial Height Gages from Brown and Sharpe, Fowler and Mitutoyo.. Brown & Sharpe Tesa Micro-Hite 350/600/900 $ 8,500.00 – $ 11,500.00 Brown & Sharpe Tesa Micro-Hite is available in three different measuring ranges: 350mm/600mm/900mm and offers extremely accurate measuring of deviations from length, straightness and perpendicularity ..

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